Strategic Communication

What is the purpose of communication if in the end nothing changes?

Communication can be used to further your advocacy goals. It is one of the many tactics that you use to reach your end policy goals. I design coordinated and creative advocacy campaigns that draw upon many different communication tools to enable you to create awareness, mobilize people and ultimately influence policy.


Writing, editing and still photography

I write articles, edit reports and identify stories that matter and have impact.

Whether it is features or hard news, I make your story come alive with an engaging tone that will keep readers interested and yearning for more.

Images speak 1000 words. I combine compelling images with powerful story telling. 

Public Affairs & Media Relations

Who do you approach when you want your issue to be noticed and discussed in a public forum?
How do you handle a media crisis?
How do you organize a successful VIP visit?

You need a wide network of personal contacts and a persuasive argument that rises above everything else that is going on. I shape your news angle and create the platform you need to position your issue with a variety of key audiences.

Together with you, I think through the logistical details required to host and to maximize a VIP visit.

Development Communication

What is development communication?

Development Communication, simply defined, is the use of communication to promote social development. More specifically, it refers to the practice of systematically applying the processes, strategies, and principles of communication to bring about positive social change.

Development communication is not about fundraising but about being accountable, transparent and open to sharing lessons learned.

There is so much good work being done out there but unfortunately, very little of it is known beyond a limited group of practitioners and experts.

I document what you do without over simplifying your core messages.

Behavior Change Communication

Whether you want to launch an effective campaign to increase immunization rates or encourage people to avoid engaging in unprotected sex, you need to combine communications tactics with a deep understanding of the socio-cultural context you operate in. Social marketing strategies are at the core of this programmatic approach.

Behavior Change Communication is about being creative in delivering your messages, knowing how to reach your audience, identifying your allies and your potential gate keepers, measuring impact and knowing whether or not your message has indeed been internalized.

I design powerful and compelling social marketing strategies that are specific to a particular socio-cultural context.

I developed this poster, with the assistance of local artists, as part of a communication campaign in Ethiopia aimed at discouraging harmful traditional practices, including female circumcision, early marriage, and tribal scarring.

Training and Capacity Building

Donít you wish that your staff on the ground could help you document your work on a regular basis?
What makes a good story?
What makes for a powerful image?
Is your staff ready to host a media visit?

People in development agencies and corporate headquarters often struggle with retrieving human interest stories from the most dangerous places on earth. Another common reaction is to panic when the media approaches their staff on the ground.

I offer a four-days training course on writing and photography skills that will open up peopleís creative streak and build capacity from the bottom-up. I offer tailor-made media training sessions to meet the needs of your staff.

Proposal Writing and Development

You have a project that you know is worth funding but now you need to convince your potential donors about it.

I write powerful proposals that succinctly explain what your program is, what the objectives are, how you are going to achieve them and how people will be better off because of your project.