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Christy Macy
Publications Director, International Youth Foundation

Working with Bea Spadacini is a joy. She’s an extremely talented writer, and is able to gather the quotes and the on-the-ground descriptions that makes her reports and articles come alive for the reader. She always incorporates an interesting and creative twist to a story, with a good balance of information and compelling narrative.

With her long-time experience in Africa and previously in Asia, she has also built up a deep appreciation for and knowledge around development issues. Bea is also a very talented photographer. We have used her photos in countless publications and on our website.

We have recently hung large “banners” outside of our headquarters in Baltimore, and chose one of her photos to be on a banner. Bea has an ability to take candid shots in the field that are truly outstanding. To me, her combined talents in writing, photography, and knowledge of development issues makes her a valuable find for any organization.

Carlo Oreglia
SBS, Radio Australia

“Beatrice has been our correspondent from the Horn of Africa since 2008. Her experience on the field has enriched our programs with an insider's perspective on events, from both the social and journalistic
point of view.”

Lurma Rackley
former Director of PR at CARE USA

Beatrice Spadacini excels at strategic communications. She applies comprehensive research and considers every angle of an issue as she develops her proposals. Her broad understanding of international affairs and how they affect not-for-profit and for-profit organizations also has sharpened her crisis communications skills.

Beatrice works well with people from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world. In her role as International Communications Manager for CARE in East and Central Africa, she has applied her skills as a media trainer, a photographer, writer, editor, and advisor to executives in handling natural and man-made disasters. She has developed expertise in a number of subject areas including Climate Change, HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence, and Microfinance.

During our years together at CARE, Beatrice always delivered CARE’s message to the media and the general public in an outstanding manner, no matter how intense the assignment – from a kidnapping of a staff member in Afghanistan to the eruption of civic conflict in Kenya.

But she is just as capable of telling stories of women overcoming adversity to make great strides for themselves and their families. She has written and contributed to major reports, including one on women and climate change in East Africa. To work with Bea is to work for someone who sets high standards for herself.

Carol Michaels O'Laughlin
Group Vice President, Winrock International

Bea is a top notch communications leader! She has an extraordinary ability to convey the human story in very simple ways, even on complex development issues. Bea considers herself first and foremost a development professional with good communications skills and her writing reflects this. She objectively researches the develop issue and connects this to real people and
places. Her writing conveys the passion that she feels.

In addition to being an excellent journalist, She is a great trainer and capacity builder in the communications field. As Director of Communications for Global Alliance for Workers and Communities (GA), Bea trained our local staff in five Asian countries to develop and implement communications strategies. She was able to turn many staff around from understanding communications as a PR job to recognizing it as a critical, development tool.

Finally, Bea has an excellent photographer's eye and is exceptionally creative. She designed GA's annual reports including artistic flair and beautiful pictures that conveyed the essence of our work.

In all, Bea is one of a kind. She is creative, thoughtful and committed to ensuring the people's development issues are understand and that they have a human face.

Noel Lumbama
Managing Director/Chief Graphic Designer - Noel Creative Media Limited, Nairobi, Kenya

Ms Spadacini is a professional writer, editor and coordinator whom I have enjoyed working with on various projects under her previous employers (CARE International) and in her private capacity. She has been and is always a good contributor to communication, be it graphics or editorial. She is professional and works well with other professionals to effectively meet the intended communication objectives.

Her knowledge in communication gives her the ability to easily interpret and understand graphics. As a graphic designer I enjoy working with her because she enhances my creativity through her sound contributions that further demonstrate her good understanding of communication. Combining her skills in communication and the understanding of graphical presentations places her to be a unique person that can always add value to any communication piece of work.

Tina Flores
Senior Editor, Publications and Social Media, Global Health Council

Bea has rare combination of being an incredible writer as well as a wonderful photographer. Her stories have unique ability to articulate key technical and policy issues, while capturing the human element.
Consequently, her pieces are hold a broad appeal, not only to people working in development but also to the general public.

Paired with her photographs, with their vibrant colors and expressive faces, her pieces conjure the need, the conflict, the progress in countries like Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and India. Over the course of several years and numerous articles, Bea has remained a well-connected, timely, helpful and, most important, trustworthy source.