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Beatrice M. Spadacini
Strategic Communication and Advocacy Specialist
"Focus Areas: International Development, Humanitarian Aid, Global Health and Africa"

For over twenty years I have worked as a communication specialist and a professional writer for different humanitarian agencies, including Amnesty International, the International Youth Foundation, the World Bank and Norwegian Church Aid.

As a writer, I have published extensively on critical development issues. I am well-versed on topics related to human rights, gender, poverty, HIV/AIDS, disability, climate change, conflict and peace and reconciliation. As the designer and implementer of communication strategies, my professional skills have contributed to multiple advocacy campaigns that have resulted in policy change and increased public awareness.

From 2005 until mid 2009 I have been responsible for Media and Communications in East and Central Africa for the aid agency CARE International. For about one year after the CARE job in East Africa, I have stayed in Nairobi and worked as a communication and media consultant for a variety of clients, including CARE country offices, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and various magazines. In June 2010 I returned to the Washington DC area to work on a few personal projects, and pursue another graduate degree.

I am a regular contributor to Italian and American magazines. As a freelance writer I have published in the Christian Science Monitor, Corriere della Sera, Gioia, Internazionale, Health Link and Genitori si Diventa. In 2006 I was the portrait photographer for a book on Conversations with Kenyan Women Leaders. Since 2007 I have travelled frequently to Rwanda to conduct research on the subject of reconciliation and healing.

I was born in Italy but grew up in the United States of America. I have an MA degree in International Relations and Journalism from Boston University and a BA degree in Anthropology from Connecticut College. After completing my masterís thesis on the role of theater in promoting oral rehydration therapy (WHO and UNICEF social marketing strategies), I got a graduate certificate in international health management from Boston University.

I am the mother of a beautiful girl whose name is Zawadi.

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